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Test Automation and RPA Robotic Process Automation

Let us choose the best tools for your requirements as an independent consulting company.

We don't say it is "done". We say it is STILL IN USE.

We create sustainable, observable, understandable and explainable QA solutions.

Manual vs Automated

  • Scenario: 200 mobile app test cases, executed every day on 6 devices
  • Assumption: 1 test case takes 2 minutes, average
  • Result:  It will take 2400 minutes (40 hours) everyday. Possibly can be done by 5 to 8 manual testers

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We help companies to create high quality products in fast-pace environments. You will have faster product GoLives, less bugs and higher customer satisfaction.


Manual Testing

Test Planning
Test Case Creation and Execution
Bug Raporlama
Daily Test Reports

Test Automation

Tool Selection
Automation Framework Implementation
Script Development

Performance Testing

Performance Test Planning
Load Metrics and Measurements
Script Development

Process Design

Test Culture Creation
International Standards
Defining Test Approach
Internal Trainings


Test Trainings

International Standards
Test Automation
Performance Testing
Basic Test Principles

Process Automation - RPA

High cost-benefit ratio
Fast and bug free processes
Saving on time
24/7 Working Bots

UAT Management

Test Trainings for business
Scenario Preparation
Business – IT communication
MVP Specifications

Application Testing

Web Application
Mobil Application
Desktop Application
APIs and Services

Team Management

Test Planning
Test Process Design
Resource Planning
Team Management

We don’t say it is “done”. We say it is STILL IN USE.

We create sustainable, observable, understandable and explainable QA solutions using our hands-on project expertise in software testing and following international standards.


Manual Test Cases

Automated Test Cases


Why are we different?

  • We create value together with our team.
  • Hands-on project experience starting from daily project up until $100M budget projects.
  • Optimized processes and appropriate budget planning.
  • Love to share and good communication.

Our Competencies

We don’t hesitate to share secrets of having customers who will proudly choose in their next projects.

  • Based on goodwill, we created a business model which fits to modern requirements. This is how we build our decision making process.
  • We create common understanding and take fast actions by using global standards and best practices.
  • Our expertise and business models help us to create permanent solutions.
  • Goodwill – 100%
  • Professional Manner – 95%
  • Sustainable – 90%

Award winning projects

We were quality assurance and testing consultant of our customers in the project where they received CIO Awards, Best Project Awards, Best Transformation and Digitalization Project Awards.


Success Stories

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